Mosquito Management Program

Mosquito control is a year-round effort! We work to reduce the mosquito population through:

  • Public education
  • Mosquito trapping and testing
  • Monitoring stagnant water locations
  • Use of larvicide
  • Other mosquito mitigation activities

Report stagnant water
If you see stagnant water, including swimming pools that are not circulating water, please report the location or address to the Environmental Health Division via email or by calling 214.509.4180. A health specialist will follow up and address existing issues.

VIDEO: Fight the Bite!

Mosquito Reduction

The best way to prevent mosquitoes is to get rid of stagnant water. Environmental Health staff monitor and treat more than 50 public areas where water often collects.

Homeowners and residents can help reduce mosquito breeding sites by monitoring their property. These are common areas where mosquitos may breed:

  • Open trash bins
  • Uncovered boats
  • Fountains and bird baths
  • Clogged rain gutters
  • Low areas
  • Water bowls for pets
  • Wagons and other toys
  • Rot holes in trees
  • Leaky hoses
  • Potted plant saucers
  • Buckets and barrels
  • Neglected pools
  • Ponds
Watering pots and a bucket sitting outside

Bite Prevention

Avoid mosquito bites and related illnesses by following the WAR method:

  1. Wear light-colored long sleeves and pants
  2. Apply insect repellant with DEET to exposed skin and clothing, according to instructions
  3. Remove standing water around your yard and home

Mosquito Viruses

Learn more about common illnesses spread by mosquitoes: