Display Case and Community Board Procedures

Community Board Procedures

Refer to policy for what can be posted.

  • Posters, signs, and flyers may be posted up to three weeks in advance and may be removed at the Library's discretion without notice.
  • Signage may be up to 11" x 17" (exception for City of Allen)

Display Case Procedures

Reserving a Display Case

  • Exhibitor may reserve one case one time per year, based on availability; exceptions made at the discretion of Library Director or designee.
  • Display cases are booked by the month and may be booked up to one year in advance.
  • Specific cased are assigned by Library staff and reserved for Library or City of Allen use.
  • The library reserves the right to reassign, cancel or remove displays without prior notice at the Library's discretion.
  • Upon display approval, Exhibitor must fill out the Exhibit Loan Agreement Form and provide two contact names and phone numbers plus email, if available.

Scheduling Installation and Removal

  • Gallery Coordinators will contact exhibitors two weeks before the month of their display to finalize installation and removal dates.
  • Shelves may not be rearranged at time of installation.


  • Sizes:  Cases 1 & 2 - 112" x 60";   Cases 3-5 - 140" x 60."
  • Exhibitor is responsible for providing display supplies for their exhibits.  The Library can provide some basic display materials,  Please inquire about availability before your installation date.
    • Library will provide straight pins to secure items to the back wall of the case.
    • No push pins, thumb tacks, T-pins, tape or staples may be used.
    • Nothing may be attached to the glass doors, wood floor or ceiling.
  • Exhibitor is encouraged to provide descriptive signage and information regarding their exhibit.

Please note:  Failure to follow the procedures may result in loss of display privileges.

Printable version of the Display Case and Community Board Procedures.