Competitive Stroke Clinic

This program prepares swimmers for competitive swim team environments. A free skills assessment (times available at DRN) must be completed before registering. Swimmers new to stroke clinic are preferred to register on Monday/Wednesday. Ages 6-16.

Beginner Stroke Clinic

Swimmers will work on developing proper technique through a variety of drills for each of the four competitive strokes. Pre-requisite: 25 yard freestyle, 25 yard backstroke, 25 yard breaststroke, 25 yard butterfly.

Intermediate Stroke Clinic

Swimmers will continue to develop their technique for all four strokes. Flip turns and block starts are also introduced. Pre-requisite: 50 yard choice warmup, 50 yard freestyle, 50 yard backstroke, 50 yard breaststroke, 50 yard butterfly.

Advanced Stroke Clinic

This course is for advanced swimmers and will refine stroke technique with an emphasis on interval training and endurance. Pre-requisite: 100 yard warmup, 200 yard freestyle, 200 yard backstroke, 150 yard breaststroke, 100 yard butterfly.

For questions and additional information, please contact Don Rodenbaugh Natatorium at 214.509.4770.