Identity Theft

Identity theft has become a rapidly growing crime. It is challenging to find those responsible for crimes related to identity theft. However, the Allen Police Department is committed to assisting citizens with referrals and investigation.
Financial institutions commonly require a police report for crimes involving identity fraud. The Allen Police Department will take a report if the offense occurred in our city. We will also take a report if you live in the City of Allen.
In order to assist you with your case, we need the appropriate information. Please print and complete the Fraud Victim Packet prior contacting APD to file a police report. When you are ready to file the report, please bring any relevant documents involving your case.
  1. Tax Fraud
Tax fraud is one of the most common forms of identity theft. Using your social security number, identity thieves file false tax returns and claim your refund for themselves. Victims typically don't discover the fraud until their own tax returns are denied.

The best way to prevent tax fraud is to file your taxes as early as possible. The IRS also urges taxpayers to protect their social security numbers. Don't routinely carry your social security card with you, and be selective about sharing your number with businesses or organizations who ask for it.

If you are a victim of tax fraud, you should file a police report and submit an identity theft affidavit to the IRS. You should also continue to file your tax return, even if by paper.

For more resources regarding tax fraud, including step-by-step instructions for victims, visit