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Learn how get the most out of your water use through annual events, monthly newsletters and more. You also can optimize your landscape year round by taking notes from our Sustainable Landscape Series!

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Water Conservation Newsletter

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Sprinkler Evaluation Program

High water bills during summer months are normally caused by sprinkler use. Your sprinkler zones could be using up to 15 gallons each minute! This free Sprinkler Evaluation service, valued at $125, is available to Allen residents with a water utility account in good standing. Limited to the first 40 residents who sign up.

Virtual Workshops: Fix-a-Leak Week 2023

Indoor Leaks | Tuesday, March 21 at 6 p.m.
Toilet running? Faucet dripping? Got a leak you aren’t sure how to fix? Join our free webinar to learn how to DIY! Walk through common home plumbing issues and sources of water waste, then see how to fix them yourself. You don’t need a bunch of special tools or knowledge to fix minor plumbing problems in your own house.

Outdoor Leaks | Thursday, March 23 at 6 p.m.
If you haven’t checked out your sprinkler system lately, there might some issues that are easily fixed. Join our free virtual workshop to learn all about the basics of a home sprinkler system and how to fix the most common issues on your own! Learn to identify common irrigation issues, sources of inefficiency, pool leaks, outdoor faucet leaks and more. Then let experts show you how to repair these leaks with minimal tools and time.

Sustainable Landscape Series

A beautiful lawn without wasting water? Yes, it’s possible! Our annual seminar series covers smart plant choices, sprinkler setup, fruit/vegetable gardening and tips for Texas newcomers. Previous programs available on YouTube.

Virtual Lunch and Learn Series

Hosted by North Texas Municipal Water District
Sign up to attend a virtual class or watch a replay of previous classes. Learn more and register at NTMWD/classes.

Collin County Master Gardeners Association

Learn and serve with the Collin County Master Gardeners Association, an educational and volunteer program affiliated with the Texas A&M  AgriLife Extension Service of the Texas A&M University system.

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